A resource package aimed at helping young people understand the issue of consent, and raise awareness around sexual assault and rape.


We recognise that as part of a PSHE agenda, consent forms part of the broader context of sex and relationships education carried out within schools. No standalone package can encompass that remit within a standard 60-minute lesson.

This package is based on guidance from the Home Office, using the Disrespect Nobody campaign materials, but is tailored specifically to consent and sexual assault/rape, with additional input about the police.

It also includes a video about the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), also known as ‘The Bridge’, which explains who they help and what services they provide, as we wanted young people in our force area to have access to information and support relevant to them locally, not just nationally.
The lesson plan assumes that lessons about healthy relationships covering issues such as respect, trust and equality, have taken place beforehand as part of the broader PSHE curriculum taught by schools.

Avon and Somerset produce separate lesson plans on ‘Sexting’ (i.e. indecent photographs) and Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE), which again are stand-alone lesson plans but have been designed to fit into the much broader PSHE agenda taught in schools.

Schools should consider this lesson plan in conjunction with their overall PSHE programme and their policy for informing parents.

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