Child Sexual Exploitation

A resource package aimed at encouraging children to recognise child sexual exploitation.


We recognise that as part of a PSHE agenda, CSE forms part of the broader context of sex and relationships education carried out within schools. No standalone package can encompass that remit within a standard 60-minute lesson. This package is tailored to exploitative sexual relationships and assumes other lessons about healthy relationships have taken place beforehand.

This resource has been produced by Avon and Somerset but it draws significantly from the National Crime Agency’s (NCA) Child Exploitation and Online Protection (CEOP) ‘Exploited’ materials (produced with input from a range of national partners including the NSPCC, Brook, the Sex Education Forum and Barnado’s). Materials from other police forces have also been included where they represent good practice.

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Associated content

Barnado’s ‘The Real Story’ (PDF)

Barnardo’s are leaders in the campaign against CSE. These resources cover the broader context of relationships and sex as well as CSE.


The CEOP resources contain a variety of lesson plan packages which range from a single session input to a series of sessions

It's not because he loves you

A video from Cambridgeshire Police which explores a relationship between a teenage girl and her relationship with an older boy who buys her gifts but exploits her.

It's not okay

Website aimed at raising children’s awareness of sexual exploitation.