Stay Safe – Consequences Workbook

A workbook for year 6 pupils which aims to improve their awareness of the law so that they can make more informed decisions and be responsible members of their communities.


The workbook is designed to be worked through over time, but could be completed in one dedicated session. The workbook could be used as a template for a PSHE lesson.

The following themes are explored in the workbook:

  • Crime and consequences
  • Being a good citizen
  • Alcohol
  • Truancy
  • Staying safe (physically, emotionally, and online).
  • There is also brief guidance on how to make a 999 call, first aid, and how to use the national property register to help recover stolen property.

Request a visit from a PCSO

Make a request for a PCSO to come to your school and present this lesson plan.

The session are designed for class size groups to allow for effective learning and are designed for the duration of 30-50 minutes


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